Compliance Audit Programs

OSHA/EPA regulations require that the PSM and RMP programs must be audited for compliance with regulations at least every three (3) years. The purpose of these audits is to ensure that the PSM and RMP programs remain in compliance with the regulations.

Some companies will develop procedures to perform these audits with in-house personnel. Many companies prefer to have an outside “third party” perform these to ensure that there is objectivity involved in the audit.

There are some basics that every audit procedure should encompass, whether it is an in-house program or a “third party” audit. These are:

1. Have an established audit frequency in compliance with the regulations.
2. Define the audit and auditor requirements, e.g. establishing a team, etc.
3. Identify the scope of the audit
4. Establish a system for addressing and tracking any recommendations resulting from the audit.

The audit must be done by a trained individual with assistance or by a team.

The two most recent audits and documentation must be retained.

For further information regarding Compliance Audit Program, having a compliance audit performed by CECI, and/or other PSM related questions, please contact CECI.