CECI offers complete compliance support systems for OSHA, EPA and DHS mandated programs.

Compliance Audits

  • PSM and RMP Compliance Audits
  • CECI provides PSM and RMP audits which cover all the items and issues that would be included in the most detailed OSHA and EPA audits, providing protection from non-compliance fines and penalties.
  • Key Elements
    • Detailed analysis of each PSM and RMP elements requirements
    • Recommendations to ensure OSHA and EPA compliance
    • Easy to use recommendation and tracking reports to document compliance

Process Safety Management Training

  • Training for operators and management for PSM implementation
  • CECI provides Process Safety Management Training for both operators and management.
  • Key Benefits
    • Ensures that operators are knowledgeable about the documentation needed for compliance
    • Gives management personnel knowledge about OSHA and EPA required documentation

General Process Diagrams

  • Process diagrams for rendering, gas mixing, Bio Gas systems, etc.
  • CECI can analyze and document your plant processes and produce professional process drawings for you system.  We have documented such diverse systems as rendering processes, gas mixing processes, and bio gas systems.
  • Key Benefits
    • Clear and accurate process diagrams
    • Benefit of an outside contractor analyzing your system
    • Observations and recommendations for improving your process