Ammonia Releases in the News

4/11/2013 – Road re-opens after anhydrous ammonia tank leak(html)

3/31/2013 – Ammonia leak in north Visalia keeps residents inside on Easter morning (html)

3/31/2013 – Ammonia leak prompts evacuation (html)

3/18/2013 – One person sent to hospital after plant ammonia leak(html)

3/18/2013 – Accident causes small ammonia leak (html)

3/13/2013 – Ten fall sick after ammonia leak at ice plant (html)

3/8/2013 – Small Ammonia Leak at Americold Logistics in Fogelsville(html)

3/3/2013 – Ammonia Leak Reported At Pepsi Plant In Buena Park(html)

2/23/2013 – SMFD responds to ammonia leak (html)

2/15/2013 – Ammonia leak at plant prompts evacuation (html)

2/14/2013 – UPDATED ON 6: Evening Update On FPL Foods Ammonia Leak (html)

2/14/2013 – Ammonia leak closes Norwich ice rink (html)

2/13/2013 – San Lorenzo: Ammonia leak at Sara Lee plant Tuesday night forces evacuations (html)

2/13/2013 – Clayton Elementary evacuated due to ammonia leak(html)

2/7/2013 – Copper theft causes Ice Mountain ammonia leak (html)

2/2/2013 – Long Beach ammonia leak triggers hazmat situation(html)

1/31/2013 – Hazmat team investigates ammonia leak at Ice Mountain in Burton (html)

1/29/2013 – Ammonia Leak at Americold Logistics in Turlock (html)

1/27/2013 – Ammonia leak obstructs Turlock traffic; no injury (html)

1/22/2013 – Ammonia leak hits downtown Phoenix (html)

1/15/2013 – Reddy Ice being sued by nearby residents over ammonia leak (html)

12/29/2012 – Hazmat called to ammonia leak in downtown LA (html)

12/27/2012 – Area arena treated like disaster area after ammonia leak discovered (html)

12/5/2012 – No injuries reported after explosion, ammonia leak at Dole Plant in Atwater (html)

12/4/2012 – Ammonia leak at the Dole plant in Atwater forces evacuation (html)

12/1/2012 – Hundreds evacuated in ammonia leak (html)

11/21/2012 – Ammonia leak on the bayfront – causes some tight chests and coughing (html)

11/15/2012 – KC firefighters respond to ammonia leak in West Bottoms (html)

11/13/2012 – Ammonia leak forces evacuation of Salina plant (html)

11/5/2012 – Ammonia leak forces Mariemont Kellogg plant closure(html)

11/1/2012 – HAZMAT Team Called for Ammonia Spill at Coca-Cola Plant (html)


10/29/2012 – Thursday spacewalk to isolate station coolant leak(html)

10/26/2012 – Ammonia leak prompts response (html)

10/24/2012 – 479 Poisoned After Ammonia Leak in China (html)

10/24/2012 – Chinese Firefighter Critical After Ammonia Exposure(html)

9/9/2012 – Ammonia leak at processing plant prompts evacuation(html)

8/31/2012 – Fulton residents can return home after ammonia leak at former Birds Eye plant (html)

8/25/2012 – Ammonia leak at Pilgim’s Pride facility sickens dozens(html)

7/14/2012 – Ammonia leak causes evacuation of baking company(html)

7/13/2012 – Knoxfield building evacuated after ammonia leak (html)

7/8/2012 – Ammonia spill on trawler in Dutch Harbor sends 2 to hospital (html)

6/28/2012 – Alma Center ammonia leak forces evacuations (html)

6/27/2012 – Panic in Jaipur village after ammonia gas leak (html)

6/26/2012 – Ammonia leak in Mira Loma warehouse prompts evacuations (html)

6/12/2012 – Ammonia leak in Pakenham forces refrigeration factory staff and locals to be evacuated (html)

5/30/2012 – GM worker hospitalised after ammonia leak (html)

5/28/2012 – Five neighbours evacuated after ammonia leak in Holly Lane, Atherstone (html)

5/25/2012 – Tyson plant back up and running (html)

5/25/2012 – 40 Treated After Ammonia Leak at Neb. Meat Plant(html)

5/25/2012 – Ammonia leak in Tyson pork plant (html)

5/24/2012 – Unexpected ice malfunction shuts down Ron Ebbesen Arena (html)

5/17/2012 – Pipe failure likely cause of Boardman ammonia leak(html)

5/10/2012 – Ammonia leak temporarily shuts down Lebanon plant(html)

5/8/2012 – Explosion blows doors off New Smyrna Beach business(html)

4/26/2012 – Workers hospitalized after chemical release at Hopewell plant (html)

4/3/2012 – Hazardous materials incident in Holland Township (html)

4/3/2012 – Ammonia leak evacuates Holland company (html)

4/1/2012 – Ammonia fumes at Oklahoma food plant sicken four (html)

3/1/2012 – Ammonia pipe explosion downs 90 in Zamboanga City(html)

2/27/2012 – Gas leak causes chaos on carnival evening (html)

2/6/2012 – Tyson, Cargill Plants Evacuated After Leaks (html)

1/13/2012 – Figure skating legend Karen Magnussen still hurting from ammonia leak (html)

12/19/2011 – Utah animal feed plant fire forces evacuations (html)

12/16/2011 – 15 Workers Injured by Ammonia Leak in Bulgarian Dairy Plant (html)

12/7/2011 – Busy morning for Reykjavík emergency services (html)

12/6/2011 – Darigold manager gets probation for Issaquah Creek spill(html)

12/5/2011 – Faulty tool blamed for ammonia leak (html)

12/2/2011 – Ammonia leak triggers Winter Club evacuation (html)

12/1/2011 – No jail in Darigold fish kill (html)

12/01/2011 – Gas leak scare in industrial hub – Dairy denies charge, terms it mischievous (html)

11/28/2011 – North Shore Winter Club reopened after ammonia leak(html)

11/15/2011 – DM orders probe into gas leak (html)

11/15/2011 – Two treated in Agra after gas leak (html)

11/14/2011 – Ammonia leak sends worker to hospital in Bon Secour(html)

11/14/2011 – Large tank of poisonous gas washes up on Tulalip beach(html)

11/11/2011 – Ammonia leak in downtown Windsor (html)

11/10/2011 – DM orders probe into gas leak (html)

11/08/2011 – Fire crews respond to ammonia leak at Oscar Mayer(html)

11/06/2011 – UPDATED Ammonia Leak Contained at Del Mar Foods Processing Plant (html)


10/31/2011 – Explosion and ammonia leak at Anglesey meat plant(html)

10/28/2011 – Smithfield in federal court over 2009 ammonia spill(html)

9/19/2011 – No injuries after 2 large fishing vessels collide along Kodiak’s waterfront (html)

9/17/2011 – Ammonia leak forces Friday morning evacuation (html)

9/8/2011 – Three businesses evacuate after ammonia leak at fish processing plant (html)

9/7/2011 – Ammonia leak sealed at Foley Fish (html)

8/18/2011 – Ammonia Leak At Pilgrim’s Pride Forces Evacuations(html)

7/22/21011 – Seafood plant reopens following ammonia release(html)

7/22/2011 – Sitka fish plant reopens after ammonia leak repaired(html)

7/12/2011 – Ammonia Leak Shuts Down Edgewood Bakery Business(html)

7/8/2011 – Ammonia leak at Paramount Farms plant (html)

7/5/2011 – Ammonia leak at St. Paul storage facility injures man(html)

3/11/2011 – Downtown neighborhood evacuated due to ammonia leak(HTML)