Compliance Engineering Consultants, Inc.

CECI is an engineering consulting company specializing in Process Safety Management Programs (PSM), Risk Management Programs (RMP), Site Security Valuations (SVA), Site Security Plans (SSP), PSM Audits, P & ID Drawings, and Mechanical Integrity Audits.

Process Safety Management Programs

  • CECI provides complete OSHA compliant PSM programs
  • PSM Elements
    • Employee Participation Programs
    • Mechanical Integrity Programs
    • Incident Investigation Programs
    • Process Safety Information
    • Process Hazard Analyses
    • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Operator Training Programs
    • Contractor Qualification Programs
    • PreStartup Safety Review and Management of Change Programs
    • Compliance Audit Programs
    • Safe Work Practice Programs (Lockout/Tagout, Confined Space, Hot Work)

Risk Management Programs

  • CECI provides EPA compliant Risk Management Programs (RMP)
  • Key Elements
    • Risk Management Plans
    • Off-site Consequence Analyses
    • EPA submissions and re-submissions

Security Valuation Assessments

    • CECI completes complete DHS compliant Security Valuation Assessments (SVA)
    • Key Elements
      • Asset Characterization
      • Threat Assessment
      • Security Vulnerability Analyses
      • Risk Assessment
      • Countermeasure Analysis

Site Security Plans

  • CECI provides DHS compliant Site Security Programs
  • Key Elements
    • Addresses Identified Vulnerabilities
    • Identifies Security Measures
    • Risk Based Vulnerability Prioritizing
    • Risk Based Performance Standards
    • Reporting Methodologies
    • Implementation Plans

Piping & Instrument Diagrams (P&IDs)

  • CECI provides complete and/or updated P&IDs
  • Key Elements
    • Plant Documentation
    • Audits
    • AutoCAD, Adobe and other formats
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